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Noticing unsightly details after the painters are done? It might not be their fault!

The most careful attention you will pay to your home is after the painters are done painting. You walk around and inspect every nook and cranny, and rightfully so! You want to make sure that the painters did an excellent job and didn’t leave any spots left that show the prior color. You just paid good money for an outstanding, professional paint job and so you scan your eyes over all the edges, corners, window sills, baseboards, support beams, or other parts of your home. What happens more often than not is that you start to notice oddities about your home that you didn’t before such as:

  • A tiny crack in the wall
  • Scratches on the hardwood floor
  • Drywall missing or damaged
  • Paint splatter
  • Hardened drips on the walls
  • Small holes in the wall
  • etc…

Was it the painters who are responsible for what you are seeing? Or maybe it has been there all along and you just have never noticed it before! Unfortunately, many painters bear the brunt of dissatisfied customers after working hard on making the interior of a home look beautiful due to a homeowner not seeing what has been there all along! Odds are, a homeowner didn’t spend any time before the painters came to inspect the condition of their home interior, and just figured that whatever damage they are seeing afterwards must be the fault of the painter, and why wouldn’t they think that? They didn’t see it before!

What an experienced painter or professional will do upon encountering a small damage detail is quickly take a picture, or multiple pictures, and show the homeowner before continuing on. This is the best way to avoid confrontation after the job is completed because everything that might be an issue is brought to the homeowners attention before hand.

While I can’t say one way or another who is responsible for any damage that the homeowner notices after the walls have been painted, the best way to avoid any disagreement on who should take responsibility is for both parties to agree beforehand on what they are seeing. Taking pictures is a must on the side of the contractors, and inspecting the condition of walls and surfaces beforehand is a great idea of the side of the homeowners.

Hardened drips on the wall can very well be from the previous paint job, but if homeowners never got up close to the wall to inspect it before, they wouldn’t have noticed it. Paint splatter can very well be from a previous paint job as well, especially if the colors are very similar. Scratches on the hardwood floor could have been there for many months, but just have gone unnoticed because the homeowners weren’t down on the floor inspecting the baseboards. If the homeowner makes it a point to inspect their property before the painters begin their work, and the painters take pictures or point out any trouble areas before they paint then all should be well.

Color/design trends you need to familiarize yourself with...

Keeping up to date on design trends isn't as hard as you think it might be. In fact, I'm sure you have multiple home accents in your home that look truly amazing, and stand out from your home, but you're just not aware of it, or aware of how to make the most of it. One key to a successful interior design is pairing. Pairing correctly means accurately combining multiple objects or colors in a sensible fashion, which ultimately draws attention equally among both items. Pairing sounds easy, but in reality is quite difficult to achieve correctly. Knowing not only which colors go great with others is only part of the solution, while the other part is realizing, and actualizing the distance and space between the paired objects.

Painted walls in your bedroom don't have to be typical. Right away, tell yourself how your bedroom makes you feel. Is it a bright and airy atmosphere? Or is it more along the lines of dark and cozy? It is known that the amount of darkness or brightness your room has makes an impact on how deep of a sleep you will have. This rule of thumb should be taken into consideration when deciding on a color for the bedroom. Dark teals and purples can look majestic in bedrooms, and create a beautiful, dreamy contrast with rich hardwood floors, pairing perfectly. Maybe you have a lampshade or blanket that you got from the Z Gallerie or other chic home decor store, whose color you wish was on the wall? Go for it. Color match your unique home decoration and have fun with it. 

Blue doesn't always have to be baby blue. Change things up by purchasing a piece of furniture such as dining room chair, couch, or throw in Greek Blue. This unique and distinctively elegant color makes a person think of the Mediterranean and those church rooftops in Perissa, and invokes feelings of exhilaration. It's richness and boldness is sure to pair well with greys and yellows making for an excellent addition to any modern living room. Not sure or no need for new furniture? Shop online and browse different art selections until you find that piece of art, done in Greek Blue that would pair perfectly on your living room wall.

When thinking of the lightest, and airiest room in the home, surely you think of the bathroom. Bathrooms are spaces in the home that should feel open and refreshing. Even those curved shower bars are sold in order for your tub/shower to feel more roomy. Creating an open and spacey atmosphere is quite simple when painting with bright pastel colors. Before you choose on a color, take into consideration the color of the wall tile (if you have any). Many websites allow you to upload a color and pair them with other colors.. All the heavy lifting is done for you and you can browse various color schemes that pair perfectly with your uploaded color. Maybe you're renting and can't paint the walls? Not a worry. Even major department stores like Target have fantastic shower curtain options that will pair well with any color your landlord decided to paint with.

Similar to grey, white and black, Olive Green is a magnificent color to paint with and can pair with just about anything. The dark nature of it brings you in and really helps the accents in the room stand out. If you have enough sunlight, you can just about paint with this color in any room in the house... Even the kitchen. With the lustrous chrome accents your kitchen has to offer, a dark Olive Green in the kitchen says deluxe and lavish.

Accent walls are quite common, but many times people are overly cautious with the color, and tend to pick colors that aren't that extravagant. Three white walls with one bright orange says a lot more than three gray walls, with one dark gray wall. Keep in mind that you are creating an accent wall to stand out. Your choice of color should reflect that. Traditionally, dining rooms are usually not painted with bright, exciting colors, but now it becoming more and more popular. Bright greens, blues, and purples are being paired with light and airy colored walls, and truly add something fun to your home interior.

"Make your home - Extraordinary"

Trending this Fall... Your home

We all know that feeling we get in September, of Fall being just around the corner. We eagerly await cooler temperatures, pumpkins, and cozy sweaters. As the trees begin to shed their coat of leaves we can't help but to fall in love with the colors of the season. For some people, pulling out the boxes of Fall decorations from the garage or basement is the best part. Seasonal scented candles, table runners, and Halloween decorations are unpacked and replace the home's decorations.

Fall colors are warm and inviting, and if you need one reason above all to finally go through with that Fall themed paint makeover in your living room, that's it. Although the season Fall is temporary, warm saturated yellows and oranges can take a dreary, cold room, and transform it into the most desired place in the house for everyone in the family. Reds are especially energetic colors which is why it is such a great choice for a home office.

Although you may wish to transform your home interior by painting the walls warm harvest colors, a less costly alternative could be painting some dining room chairs, cabinets, or accents. Painting for example, some dining room chairs could be a perfect solution to welcome the Fall season, and to refurbish those chairs that have seen better days.

Adding a pop of yellow by purchasing some faux flowers, picture frames, kitchen towels, or even a kitchen mat is a great way to spice up a room, and add a temporary or permanent color change to a room. Purchasing new rugs can be expensive, but even stores like IKEA have rug options for a bargain.. A decorative brown rug with maybe even some foliage design would be a great addition for a living room that is looking to suit up for Fall.

Whichever direction you decide to take your home interior walls, furniture or decorations this Fall, we wish you a happy harvest and hope we can help you make your home - extraordinary.

Tips and advice on creating beautiful dark walls in your home

Tips and advice on creating beautiful dark walls in your home

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