Trying to sell a home? Updating with a fresh coat and the right colors may make all the difference!

Preparing your home to put on the market requires a lot of attention to detail. Obviously clean floors, a sparkling kitchen, and new windows are all important visual components that a potential home buyer will notice, but even more importantly, the colors that line your walls have an even bigger impact than you might have thought. Many people have the mindset when it comes to home repair prior to selling of “I’ll sell it for less sure, but it’s too much trouble and I can’t afford it right now”. This might be true when it comes to replacing ancient kitchen cupboards, or windows, but a fresh paint job doesn’t have to break the bank.

More than just fresh paint, the right colors are what’s going to help you the most. Color psychology is the science of how colors affect people’s moods. Color psychology has enormous psychological implications and when trying to sell a product, the right color might make all the difference. Maybe you are thinking to yourself that the original white paint that came with your condo was fine for you, so it will be fine for the buyers? Not necessarily. Choosing the right color will not only make your property seem more expensive, but it will allow potential buyers to really envision the place, as their home. Only a small fraction of people are really able to walk through a home that needs some TLC and see beyond its flaws. Don’t hope that you get that tiny percentage in the door, spend the little money up front, and make much more in return.

Nearly all real estate agents recommend a fresh paint job to sell a home. Many people become accustomed to how their home looks, which makes it very difficult to see beyond the paint that is already there. People notice the finer details. Baseboards, trim, and doors get the dirtiest over time. A fresh coat of white paint can transform the way your rooms and hallways look like you wouldn’t believe.

The first thing people notice when stepping into a potential home are the floors and walls (assuming you’re not stricken with popcorn ceilings). Floors are obviously the more costly thing to replace, but interior walls and baseboards are an easy fix which will result in a huge return.

Just like if you are preparing your home to sell, you must stash all the odd and cute collectibles you have lying around, so too you must part ways with the black bedroom you helped your teenage son paint, and paint with soothing neutral tones to really help the house seem as buyer friendly as possible. Painting doesn’t have to be a big deal. Online there are tons of outlets to help you choose the right colors to sell your home, and if you are on a budget (like most people are), spending the money you have to fix your home will go along way with a fresh paint job.