Tips and advice on creating beautiful dark walls in your home

Dark interior walls have unfortunately commonly been mistaken for sullen and downtrodden in interior design for quite some time. To paint walls in your home dark or even black was a scarce thought that not many even considered. Additionally, a concern for many is that by painting certain walls in their home dark, or even black, it would essentially shrink the room down to a seemingly unbearably small size. We all know that darker colors have a slimming effect, particularly in fashion, which is why painting the interior walls in a home black is an un-welcomed thought for many people. However, with careful consideration and proper planning, one can create a wonderfully attractive dark interior room in their home.

Many people prefer to keep some walls white for “thinking space”, however dark walls can actually achieve a result! This is true especially when a wall has bright,  It is common to find black furniture, fixtures, ornaments and accents in interior design because of the strong contrast black has with most other colors, and because of the sophisticated, sleek look black tends to have. Rooms that have bright accents such as a bathroom with its chrome fixtures and mirrors can create a beautiful, dynamic look that looks very modern and chic when contrasted with black walls. Painting small areas such as a bathroom is a great way to experiment with darker colors before moving on to bigger areas of a home.

Another way to experiment with darker colors is by creating a gradation on the walls. This can be achieved by beginning to paint with black (near the bottom of the wall) and slowly adding more gray the higher up on the walls that eventually reaches a white ceiling. Gradations can be tricky to pull off, but are very unique and will be sure to make your home stand out. Gradations create the illusion that the room is bigger, and invokes pleasant, uplifting feelings.

Unless the room you are considering to paint black is extremely well lit, there will inevitably be some spots where it will be much darker than others. Ways to circumvent this would be to use track lighting to achieve the desired lighting you would like. Track lighting looks fantastic in darker rooms because of the bright contrast that is created. Some track lighting changes color which makes it easy to set the mood in a room with dark walls.. This is a little trickier when dealing with light walls and does not have the same effect.